My Trees – So far

I thought I’d better post a few photos of some of my trees so far, what stage they are at and where I want to get with them. None of my trees are finished but some of them are going to take a little more work than others.


This is my twin trunk azalea. It’s still in it’s training pot but it’s general shape is there. As with most bonsai’s I would have liked the trunks to be a little bigger but as a short tree, I don’t think they look too bad. The plan is to grow out the foliage a little then prune it into pads so it will be a loose broom style.


This is a clip and grow attempt at a slanted style tree. It is a cedrus deodara that was suffering a little in the nursery so I took it home, pruned it back a little and planted it into a training pot in a bonsai mix. The branch at the top right is intended to be a sacrifice branch so it will eventually be taken off. I didn’t want to take off too much foliage initially as the plant was not in great health. so I’ll let the foliage grow out a little and then remove it.


This is a Portuguese Laurel. This tree has a LONG way to go but I think it will make an interesting little tree when it’s finished. I’ve cut it back to a rough size but I need to grow out the branch structure a bit before I can really shape it.


This is a little buxus. Again it is in the very early stages but I have managed to get it planted into a small bonsai pot. I’ll let it grow out a little and then trim it into shape. Buxus grows slowly so it might take a while.

I have a few other trees planted into bonsai mix in nursery pots but they ain’t really that interesting at this stage


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  1. looks like you are off to a good start!

    • Yea I kinda have that old beginners syndrome when you want to have loads of trees so I’ve had to limit myself a little. I have a few growing on that will be ready over the next couple of years. You have many trees?

      • I’ve got ten or so in my inventory. Some old some young.

      • Sounds like a nice manageable number. I’ll have to try and keep my numbers down so I can manage them. Between working and family I don’t have a lot of time to spend with them. Not nearly as much as I would like anyway.

      • Myself as well. Ten is a manageable number for me, plus I live in a condo and my yard is not as big as I would hope it to be. So far i’ve got:

        3 Alberta spruce
        2 cotoneaster
        1 quaking aspen
        a couple sugar maple sapplings
        a shohin juniper
        1 blue star juniper
        1 boxwood (which I don’t think survived the winter)

      • That’s a nice selection. Apart from the tree’s listed below I have:

        2 Escallonia Apple Blossom

        1 Escallonia Donard Radiance

        1 English Oak Seedling – Not Sure if it’s worth my while as they are so slow growing.

        1 Viburnum Davidii

        1 Corylus Avellana Contorta ‘Red Majestic’ – I think this one may be a gonner which is a bit crap because the trunk and branching on it could’ve been interesting.

        1 Choisya Aztec Pearl

        Some of these are simply growing on and haven’t been styled yet at all

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