Getting my nursery Choisya into a training pot

It was a nice sunny day so I decided to get my Choisya Aztec Pearl into a training pot. So here is a walkthrough of the process I went through.

This is the plant before I started. It already has some nice shape to become a short broom style tree but it will need a little bit of work to get it there.


The first step was to do a little pruning. As its the first pruning and I’m intending to prune the roots down I didn’t want to go too mad, so I just thinned out some of the branches and shortened some of them. As there is not a lot of growth towards the main trunk, I couldn’t shorten them as much as I would like so it’s still a little tall for my liking.


Next I removed the nursery pot and loosened the roots. I didn’t have to trim that many roots off as they were mostly fine roots so I could easily spread them out in the pot.


Finally I prepared my bonsai mix and put some mesh in the bottom of the training pot. I secured the plant to the pot and filled it with bonsai mix.


There’s still a bit of growing to do with this one and eventually I want to take a little bit of the height down but I need some more growth at the base of the branches before I can do that.

So that’s it finished for now, I will post an update as soon as there are any developments.

Jump onto the comments and let me know if there are any other styles you see or if you can recommend any other steps in the process.

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