Starting out wrong ends up badly!

So as the title of my blog suggests, I am only beginning my bonsai journey and therefore have a lot to learn. I had intended, as I do with most things, to learn as I go but after speaking to a few people on the internet and doing a little research, I am starting over with a different perspective.

If you look back at my previous posts, you will see that the tree’s I have and the way I was caring for them is riddled with mistakes. Luckily a few people pointed out my mistakes and misplaced enthusiasm and suggest I go back to the drawing board and get a little more information on the art.

I’ve always been a great proponent to the theory ‘Listen to people who are a lot smarter than you’ so I have taken their advice.

After a short time reading through a website suggested by one of the guys I was talking to, I soon realised there is a lot more to bonsai than I first realised.  The website I am talking about is I have also been watching a video series on YouTube called ‘The Bonsai Art of Japan.’ Whilst this is way ahead of anything I will be able to produce, it really gave me an insight into what can be achieved with years of dedication and it showed that patience and the right understanding of every little detail of your tree, climate and techniques is essential to creating authentic bonsai. Once you realise the level that these guys are working at, you will quickly realise the skill and knowledge it takes to even keep one of these tree’s alive.

So I have gone back to the drawing board. As we are mid-season, I will leave the trees that I have already made mistakes on and look at them again next spring. They are all showing good signs of growth so hopefully I have not caused too much damage.

So what to do between now and Spring?!?

Well there is one simple answer to that question…………………. Reading!!

As I have no tree’s to work on over the summer and autumn months, I intend to gather a few new tree’s together to start working with in spring. I can do some initial pruning on these to keep the growth heading in the right direction but the vast majority of my time will be spent reading, watching video’s and talking to people. I will continue to post to the blog with new finds and with some of the stuff I have learnt along the way.

Hopefully by Spring of next year, I will be a little more educated in the beginner techniques and I can start my tree’s the right way. If anyone has any advice or useful websites or books they would like to share, please feel free to get in touch via the comments section below. All information will be gratefully received.


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  1. When I first started out a few years ago I researched everything. I read a lot of books, viewed about a million online sites and blogs and watched a ton of videos. But out of all that, I think the best advice would be to join a local bonsai club if there is one somewhat close to where u live. The best knowledge comes from people that are familiar with the species of trees and the climate u live in.

    • There are 2 major clubs in Northern Ireland, none of which are overly close to me. Plus I work 6 days a week so time is a big issue but if I get a chance I’ll definitely try to get to a couple if meetings. For now I have started to research native tree species to increase the chances of success

      • Do u follow Bonsai Eejit’s blog? If not, i definitely suggest to take a look since he is from the Northern Ireland area and is very friendly and extremely bonsai smart. I’m from the USA and don’t have a lot of knowledge of the native species in Ireland so not much I can help u with there. But even till this day(after several yrs) I constantly research every aspect of bonsai because there is always something to learn.

      • I haven’t checked it out yet but I’ll make it next on my list. Been reading through the bonsai4me blog at the minute but everywhere I turn, bonsai eejits name keeps coming up so I guess I’ll make him my next port of call. I think he runs the bonsai society here in NI.

      • Yes he is one of the head guys of NIB club. His name is Ian and like I said extremely bonsai smart and friendly. You will definitely miss out if u don’t look him up. I have read bonsai4me and he definitely has some great info as well. Best of luck in your bonsai adventure and feel free to message me whenever u have a bonsai question and if I can’t answer myself I may be able to direct u to the right person. I have a good bit of contact with some great bonsai professionals around the world 🙂

      • Thanks, I certainly will.

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