More pics of my Pre-Bonsai Acer Palmatum ‘Orange Dream’

I’ve been talking a bit about my Acer Pal. Orange Dream on /r/bonsai so I thought I would post a few more pics.

Anyone with any ideas about design or a plan for the future feel free to comment and let me know. Any advice will be welcome.



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  1. One of those trunks needs to go, leave the one that gives better taper and movement and seal the wound. That will probably do it for a while until you can see the full structure over the Winter.

    • Can it be cut now? I know they are rebound for weeping a lot if they’re wounded in spring but will they have dried a little now?

      • I would yes, it’s wasting energy growing foliage on that second trunk when it could be putting out usable growth on the other one that can be utilised in the Spring. I would seal it to minimize any bleeding but I doubt it will make any difference.

      • Cool cool, I have it stashed in work so I will have a look at it tomorrow. Will arbrex seal and heal be OK for the wound?

      • Yes a very thin coating of it will do. If you don’t have the proper bonsai stuff wood glue will also do the job and will be cleaner than arbrex

  2. I agree with bonsai Eejit about one trunk going bye-bye. I would choose the one that looks very straight and has a huge gap between buds/branches as the one to go. It will be difficult to get any could branch ramification on this one.

    • The one that gives me the best taper is the weaker of the two main trunks however removing it may also give me a new front to the tree and will provide me with more options to select a new leader branch off it to build my canopy.

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