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Clip and grow gone mad


I was walking down past the duck pond in work and spotted what I thought were birds nests in the trees so I headed over for a look.

As I got closer to the tree I realised they were at the ends of the branches so they couldn’t be birds nest.

They have been branches that overhung the path and have been broke at some stage and sprouted new growth from that point. They nearly look like someone has been tending to them to keep them in a perfect ball shape.

I looked a little closer to see if they had sprouted, been cut back and sprouted again which might explain the density of branches but they all come from the one point on the main branch.

Isn’t nature a weird creature. I’m just glad its on a proper tree and not a bonsai, branch selection would be a nightmare!

Trees for the Future


I potted up a few bits of nursery and landscape stock today into growing pots to let them grow on for 2 or 3 years so hopefully they will make some nice little trees in the future.

Going from left to right they are:

Fagus sylvatica purpurea
Carpinus Betula
Horse chestnut
Taxus Baccata
Acer Palmatum orange dream – this one has a really nice nebari so should be an interesting tree when it grows.

I haven’t pruned the Taxus or Acer at all. I will trim back the Taxus a little to promote new growth but I think I will leave the Acer and have a look at it in the spring. The Chestnut has been chopped so I will let it grow out for a season and then look at the branching again. The beech and the hornbeam have been lightly trimmed and cut to approx height so I will let them grow out and look at proper branch selection in spring.


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